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PairPuri page 43: Witness Talk and Cover

Sorry for the long wait orz. RL has been killing me ==

Anyway, corrections are welcome. Somehow I'm not sure about Shishido's part....

PairPuri Kikumaru x Niou: page 43

The Players' Secret: Witness Talk

Continuously revealing interesting things in the camp which are previously unknown! In this rare living together with other schools lifestyle, everyone looks happy!!

Witness: K-san (Kin-chan)
Is he able to copy the moves in a game too?
Kabaji is actually able to copy anything! Even his hands are shining now?!

Witness: R-san (Ryoma)

Normally, this kind of mistake won't be happened.
Who? Who took the wrong cap on the first place? It doesn't feel right, wearing someone else's cap.

Witness: J-san (Jirou)

I can't tell who they are~

After coming out of their bath, everyone looks different.
Even if only their hairstyles change, you can't tell who they are.

Another witnesses!

Witness: S-san (Shishido)
Choutarou's painting is good? That's not possible!
Yukimura said that Choutarou's painting was kind of like a painting of someone. You can't believe his insight at all, that Yukimura.The painting is not that good- no, there's nothing good about that painting.

Witness: Y-san (Renji)
B-Both of them are so cute...
Momoshiro asked Akaya something like "You haven't grown one yet either" I was wondering what it could be, then it turned out that they were talking about beard. Really, they're kids...

Witness: M-san (Mizuki)
I hope they don't compete about who took the fastest bath.
Kamio-kun, Richard-kun and Kenya-kun argued who was the fastest when it comes to bathing. What a group of dirty people...

Witness: O-san (Oishi)
It was surprising to find other people loved novels too.
I saw Oshitari from Hyotei giving Yanagi from Rikkai a romance novel. I read quite a lot of books too. Maybe I can ask for some recommendations from him next time.

The cover of PairPuri 5 is out :D

Also, the cover of PairPuri 5: Ryoma x Yukimura THE TOP

Gosh... Yukimura's fashion is... ==
The hand is Niou's, in case you don't know

I want Kin-chaaaan DD:
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