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PairPuri Page 43: Secrets of the Players?! Witness Talk

As promised, the first one to come.

Corrections are loved

Secrets of the Players?! Witness Talk

Anonymous witnesses reveal unknown stories about the players! Once more, let's take a look at the other side of the players!

Witness: F-san (Yuuta)
What are they talking about, I don't even understand a single thing.
Aniki is truly...impressive?
(to the picture of Kura/Fuji/Yuki and their beloved plants)

Witness: M-san (Minami)
Is this for real...isn't that too much freedom...?
Even if you're really rich and have lots of money, this is still excessive. Do you do this on a regular basis?
(to the picture of Atobe and Mizuki bathing together using roses or whatever flowers it is)
Jackal and Minami' face LOL

Witness: A-san (Amane)
Oh, that's a good tsukkomi worthy of Bane-san.
This is a good thing for tsukkomi.
These two might actually get along pretty well.
(to the picture of Kite and Gin mirroring together LOL)


Other Witnesses
These witness accounts are pouring in one after another!!

Witness: K-san (Kaidoh)
Handkerchief? Really? I can have it?
When I got injured while training, Yagyuu-san gave me his handkerchief to wrap my injuries. He even gave it to me afterward. How many did he bring here, really?

(TN: Is that towel? Please tell me no, Green Towel (R) is only for InuKai... Yagyuu what are you doing??)

Witness: K-san (Kamio)
As expected from the son of electronic shop owner...he's good with machines.
My music player was broken, so I couldn't keep up with my rhythm. When I was stressed about that, Mukahi-san came and fixed some little parts of it for me.

Witness: H-san (Higashikata)
Admired the power of Shukuchi
Kai kicked an empty can and it hit Akutsu. Then, Kai ran away and used his 'Shukuchi' and disappeared instantly.

Witness: T-san (Kin-chan)
The Trickster is actually a magician!
When my leg got injured, Niou passed by and sang "Chichin Puri Puri". I was shocked! My leg wasn't hurt anymore!


(TN: I have no idea what Niou sang all about LOL, maybe about Hurt, hurt Puri Puri? *still weird XD*)

Thanks Lucathia ♥ Okay, Towel!Love would forever be InuKai... but YagyuuKai have their Handkerchief!Love orz


Anyone, I need corrections, srsly. Especially on Kaidoh-Yagyuu part... I know he's a gentleman and all of that, but... uh IDK *stressed*

Give me back my Platinum er, no... 282 or 828 whatever it is, Konomi-sensei! Why are you doing this??
One Renji is enough to break up InuKai... no need to add Yagyuu, Y/Y?

oh, please tell me I translated it wrong -_-
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