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PairPuri page 43: Witness Talk

Another fail translations.

Corrections are loved

Secrets of the Players?! Witness Talk

Being witnessed in the U-17 Camp? Some stories about the players! It's indeed the middle-schoolers whom they get super close with.

Witness: T-san (Chinen)

I, I'm not jealous of them!
The pride of the muscle? Those unnecessary muscles, nothing I am jealous of!

Witness: A-san (Atobe)
Those princes of that you have nothing to do with
I wondered where they were going. Unexpectedly, they slept at that kind of place?
All of you... Show me your spirit!

Witness: K-san (Krauser)
What kind of game is that?
Is that shougi? Japanese chess? I want to learn playing that.

Another witnesses
These witnesses are enjoyable to death!

Witness: Y-san (Yukimura)
Next year is going to be fun and worth to wait
The ochibi-tachi of every schools are gathered here. They are so proud of themselves. The championship next year, The Japanese Tennis is worth to wait.

Witness: O-san (Oishi)
Ah, if only we had telescopes.
As expected of being on the mountain! Fresh air, and the night sky is clear. Watching stars with Fuji and Shiraishi until the next morning.

Witness: T-san (Kippei)

Those who have bad sense of humors...
Sengoku once said, "Fudoumine, your actions are so cute." That Kamio, why was he unreasonably angry afterwards?

Witness: S-san (Shinji)
As I said, rich people is *mumble mumble*
Atobe-san once complaining, "The bed is too rough so I couldn't sleep." Yanagi-san even gave him some advice seriously. What is that all about? The bed is really comfortable.


- The tl of Atobe's witness is fail DX

- I love the picture of Yanagi watching Inui and Chitose playing chess with his creepy aura

- I always love Sengoku. And Kamio XDD

- Jirou and Ryoma sleeping under the tree = CUTE. They should add Akaya, and it'll be perfect

- I was hoping I was wrong in Oishi's witness. No, not ShiraFuji. ;A;
Or it is Oishi, Fuji, and Kura watching stars together.. So it's ShiraFujiOishi star watchers OT3?
From the grammar, it seems like OT3 XD

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