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PairPuri 5 page 43: Witness Talk

Well, it's cold outside and I keep on sneezing and coughing ==
I feel the need to see the doctor soon or later...

Anyway, here's Witness Talk. Thanks Lucathia for the help <333

The Players' Secrets?!: Witness Talk
What interesting things have happened in the U-17 camp? We'll introduce these yet-to-be-confirmed episodes fit for middle schoolers!!

Witness: N-san (Niou)

Oh~ They were beautifully tricked.
I put some trick in the think they would get tricked so easily. Puri!

Witness: O-san (Oishi)
They really enjoyed themselves.
That's awkward. That combination is impossible. Well, Tezuka seems to like it.

Witness: M-san (Bunta)
Even if you did apologize, I wouldn't forgive you!
They ate my snacks I saved for emergency use. Resentment over food is terrifying, I'm telling you!!

Other Witnesses
These witness accounts are pouring in one after another!!

Witness: T-san (Tezuka)
It's good to have siblings...
Tachibana and Chitose were talking about their younger sisters. They complained a lot, but it seemed like they were happy about it. Siblings...

Witness: A-san (Akutsu)
Che, are you fighting or not! Don't be misleading.
Che! Hiyoshi, Sanada, and Kite, those bastards were being overly serious. It's simply paired karate kata between different groups. If it's a fight you want, I'll show you some blood.

Witness: J-san (Jackal)
Simply being taciturn isn't his only good point.
I ripped my clothes during the training. When I was getting annoyed by that, Kabaji came and helped me sew it. Having a sewing set of your own was unexpectedly useful.

Witness: K-san (Krauser)
Classical Japanese is sure difficult.
Even during the training camp, I have homework. I am good with English, but classical Japanese is very difficult. Oishi-san and Yagyuu-san taught me.

Corrections are loved ^^
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